On the 3rd of September, representatives of all the regional hubs of the Justice Initiative attended the European conference against child abuse in Paris. Guido Fluri, the initiator of the European Justice Initiative, Professor Laurent Sermet, Attorney Élisabeth Rabesandratana, academics, victims and at least another 150 guests were present at the “Auditorium Hôtel de Ville” to solidify the European movement against child abuse. We are looking back on very fruitful discussions and insights from several different countries and feel encouraged and strengthened in the fight for our cause.

The Justice Initiative France in collaboration with the Swiss Foundation Guido Fluri and the Federation of Uprooted Children of DROM organised a European conference on child abuse. The aim of the conference was to bring together associations in order to unite and connect different European players in the common fight against child abuse.

Valérie Andanson, Hub Director of Justice Initiative France and General Secretary of the Federation of Uprooted Children of the French Overseas Departments and Territories (Fédération des Enfants Déracinés des DROM), presented some of the portraits of the photo exhibition “Shame – European stories” telling people about the lives of people who experienced abuse as a child.

Some of the exchanges were devoted to the notion of reparation, in particular concerning the Reunionese people known as “Les enfants de la Creuse”. The conference wishes to open up the fight for children’s rights today and tomorrow. An excerpt from a play entitled “Goyav’ de Frans, histoire sortie de sous le tapis” was performed by young artists from the “Embuscade” ensemble.