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We want to restore justice for victims of child abuse in Europe

The abuse of children and the lack of historical reappraisal is a pan-European problem. Tens of thousands of victims all over Europe live among us. To this day, these victims suffer from the abuse that was done to them in the past. In a few countries in Europe, efforts have been made to redress their suffering. In most countries, a serious confrontation with the abuse has not taken place.

The Justice Initiative was launched in Switzerland by groups of victims, academics and NGOs from all over Europe as a joint political initiative. It looks into the past, but above all aims to have an effect on the future. The victims should receive justice during their lifetime. The Swiss case serves as a role model to the European campaign. A political initiative in Switzerland has led to a comprehensive solution for victims of child abuse.

The Justice Initiative has initiated and supports political campaigns to change legislation in several different countries in Europe.

Learn more about the campaigns in the different countries

Different campaigns are being launched in the individual countries aiming to change legislation around the child abuse cases specific to the country’s history. Learn more about the fights that are being led on a national level.

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